Born in Chester, England, Ann’s family moved to Vancouver, B.C. in the mid sixties. Being the daughter of a fashion designer/painter meant that she was surrounded by art from an early age, which ultimately influenced her desire to enter the world of painting. 

Since then, Ann has spent most of her life painting in oils, both in studio and in the outdoors, en plein air. She has participated in and helped organize many plein air events throughout Canada during her career. Painting outdoors comes with its challenges, but honing one’s observation skills makes it worthwhile. Observing the effects of light on your surroundings is extremely beneficial to understanding how to portray that light in your painting. Ann’s preference is painting large scale, panoramic landscapes, stands of trees, and close up florals. 

Her work is shown in galleries in Ontario, Alberta and B.C., and held in collections around the world. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and has won numerous awards in various FCA shows and Plein Air Festivals. Ann spends most of her time working and teaching at her studio in Lake Country, B.C.


“My style of painting is very loose and impressionistic, characterized by thick oil paint and visible brushstrokes. Most of my oil paintings depict the splendour of the natural landscape around us, trees, rivers, meadows, grasses. My passion, however, is florals, larger than life, juicy with paint, imperfect in their perfection. The sinewy stalks and leaves, petals gently moving in the wind, in various stages of their existence - that is what I get excited about. That is the poetry of nature.
Taking painting outdoors has become a recent passion for me. Plein Air painting is a whole new way of looking at the world around us; it creates a new way of seeing, and gives us a new language for capturing the three dimensional on a two dimensional surface. Colors exist in nature that cannot be captured by the camera alone - the light changes constantly throughout the day and challenges us to quickly capture the image and the mood of the moment. Many of the field studies done en plein air have resulted in large scale paintings reproduced in my studio.”

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