Impressionistic, intuitive paintings of nature close up , on a personal level – this is what lies at the root of Ann’s paintings. She attended Kwantlen University College where she achieved the Dean’s Honour Roll, and has attended numerous workshops and mentorships with local artists since. Ann has been exhibiting her work for over 18 years throughout North America, and her paintings are held in collections around the world. Ann now paints and teaches painting workshops at her studio, Studio Cerulean, in Lake Country, B.C. 


I love nature up close- grasses, trees, all organic matter, sinewy and powerful. The angular, curva-linear shapes and marks that make up the world around us are profound when discovered in nature. There is something extraordinary about the movement of grasses in the breeze , the tangle of the undergrowth, the deep pools of pitch black water, the majestic ancient, gnarly trees with twisting branches reaching to the sky . These are the images that have influenced my work.

Over the past two years I have taken my painting outdoors . Plein Air painting is a whole new way of looking at the world around us; it creates a new way of seeing, and gives us a new language for capturing the three dimensional on a two dimensional surface. Many of the field studies done en plein air have resulted in large scale paintings reproduced in the studio. My intent has always been to paint big paintings for big impact, allowing the viewer a glimpse into the finer tunings of nature. 
Color interpretation and exploration have been fundamental to these larger works. Playing with color is my passion – creating new colors in varying hues and values, and finding a complimentary shade that makes that color almost jump from the canvas.
I am a modern-day impressionist. I believe that the beauty of any entity lies in the impression it makes on us, that first emotional response we have when we witness it in all its glory - and that is what I paint. 

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